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Shots of Trillium is a blog dedicated to living sustainably and with a purpose.


Whether we are at home or traveling, after a lot of trial and error, we’ve found it’s not that hard to live with balance. All you have to do is get creative and go easy on yourself. Balance can mean many things for many people, but for us, that means exploring the world, helping people and our planet, as well as taking care of our mental and physical health. Being balanced shouldn’t be a chore, and this blog is here to prove that it isn’t. 


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Virginia was first inspired to travel after a trip to Northern Jordan in 2014. There, she worked alongside Mercy Corps providing aid to Syrian Refugees and Jordanian locals. It was this immersion that sparked her interest in not only adventure traveling, but giving back to the community. After graduating from University, Virginia remains passionate about post-war community rehabilitation and the fight against trafficking (which is often times exacerbated in war-torn regions). Virginia has worked as a Legal Assistant, Administrative Assistant and Human Resource Representative, which has helped her gain valuable knowledge in logistics, travel planning, teaching, writing and preparing department policies as well as conflict resolution and complex problem-solving. 


Chris is a retired US government employee who worked as an International Affairs Specialist. He now works for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where he’s been able to transfer over his diplomatic and regional expertise towards a global conservation effort. He has grown a passion for serving others and has realized that a major way to contribute, not only to his country, but our world is to focus on conservation and how we move forward in a more sustainable way. If we are going to leave this place better for our children, then we need to work collectively and peacefully as a planet towards finding a balance. We need to be stewards of this place, not solely consumers of its resources. Over 22 years, he’s become an expert at project management, logistics, diplomacy and scheduling. Travel planning and area studies has become a large portion of his mission within WWF. 


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