The Annapolis Adventure — 8 things to do!

Annapolis is a small little town, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t activities to keep you occupied. Sometimes small towns like Annapolis are fun to wander around and just get lost. Although there may not be a lot of “touristy” things to do, you can always keep yourself busy if you’re willing to window shop, gaze up at pretty architecture and eat. Here are 8 things to do in Annapolis, Maryland if you’re in the city center.

1. Black Creek Books

Old books intrigue Chris and I, we love to read up on the past. There is something about holding a hundred year old book in your hand that gives you appreciation for the cognitive revolution. Us homo sapiens are capable of passing on our ideas and advice, that is really unique! Ok… that went a little deep… but ya, old books are cool and Black Creek Books has a ton of these.

2. Seasons Olive & Vinegar

Dipping bread into olive oil, although arguably unhealthy, is so yummy! I’m always looking for new combinations of olive oils, spices and balsamic vinegars to mix up. Season’s Olive & Vinegar shop has a great selection to choose from. If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from Annapolis, try shopping here.

3. Eat at Preserves

We stopped in for lunch and we really liked the feel of the place. Preserves offers small plates and the bar scene feels engaging and aesthetically pleasing. In the warm summer days, the front is open to the outside air and you can sip on spiked lemonade. If you arrive on a rainy day like we did, try slurping up their famous chicken noodle soup to warm your soul.

4. Eat at McGarvey’s

For dinner, my boss recommended McGarvey’s. As some of you may know, I’m not a big Irish pub fan. I find the food to be heavy and lacking in spices, but McGarvey’s was delicious and everyone in town knows it. Annapolis is a Navy town, so you’ll notice a bunch of F18 fighter pilot helmets lining the top of the bar. You’ll also encounter a few drunk sailors… but I mean that is all part of the fun, right? Seriously though, the food is really good! Because you’re in a coastal town, I’d order some Maryland crab cakes.

5. Check out the Harbor

There’s very little point in coming to Annapolis if you’re not going to see the water. You can take boat tours and explore the harbor area, even passing by the Naval academy. If I had stayed longer, I think I would have taken a tour and learned some history on the city — after all, Annapolis is one of the oldest towns in the US. Instead, Chris and I walked the boardwalk and enjoyed people watching — Well, it was more seagull watching, but they were far more amusing anyways.

6 .Walk down Pinkey Street

For being such an old town, you’ll find a selection of old colorful buildings. Annapolis has these quaint row homes lined with colorfully painted shiplap and bright white window shutters. I think the architecture of the homes is so classic seaside USA, you could spend a whole afternoon just walking the streets. Pinkey Street is the most famous for these homes, tucked away along a back alley.

7. Maryland State House

I did not go in. I’m sorry. I can’t report back. BUT the building is again quite picturesque against the roundabout of brick homes. The gardens are quiet and the benches provide a nice place to sit and read under a tall deciduous trees. I’m into photography, so this was a great center focus for many of my Annapolis pictures.

8. Stay at the Historic Inns of Annapolis

If you’re going to stay in Annapolis, I recommend staying somewhere historical and staying somewhere right down town. That isn’t to say there aren’t AirBnB’s our other boutique hotels that offer superb location and vibe, but the Historic Inns of Annapolis were pleasant, quiet and beautiful. If you want to know more about the Historic Inns of Annapolis, check out this detailed review!

Annapolis is a great two to three day trip. I don’t see how I could spend an entire week here, but I think it is a cute place to visit on a weekend. You won’t run out of places to shop or places to eat, that is for sure!


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