Our Fav Hotel in New York — Hotel Scherman (Previously The French Quarter)

There are so many good spots in New York City, but sometimes it is hard to decide whether to pick from a hotel, or an AirBnB and then to decide what your budget is. We’ve noticed that choosing a hotel in New York City seems to be the most cost effective way of to spend the night. By the time you get an AirBnB and pay the cleaning fee, you might as well have just gotten a hotel with more amenities. Now if you’re going to stay in the downtown area, and by that I mean Manhattan, we fell head over heels for Hotel Scherman. This hotel will keep you in the action and won’t break your bank!


Hotel Scherman is located in Hell’s Kitchen, a borough of New York City. The hotel itself is located in a brownstone, literally seconds away from some AMAZING restaurants. It is also a block away from Time’s Square and about a 16 minute walk from the Amtrak train station.


Hotel Scherman (previously French Quarters) only cost us $214 a night -- in Hell's Kitchen, a couple blocks away from Times Square -- in NYC! This would be about low-medium end of hotels in NYC, but in terms of what you got, this could have easily been mid-high end priced. I'd expect to pay at least $375 a night for a similar hotel in a similar city.

Quality of Sleep:

It may have been the long walks around the city or the busy day, but I sunk into this bed and knocked out! The bed was super comfy as long as the street below is quiet. If the action outside isn’t too boisterous, you’ll get a good sleep. But you didn’t come to New York for good sleep, you came here for the life. And the life doesn’t stop in New York, so you probably won’t get any sleep. Does that make sense?


Can we talk about the Aesthetic!? This place was gorgeous. There were so many little touches that made this place unique and homey (is that a word?). Everything from the coat hangers, to the pillows, to the corner nook with tall windows and an accent chair, we enjoyed every aspect of the room. Also, if you’re bringing a lot of luggage, there was enough open space to sprawl out.


I love bathrooms with lights that dim. I don’t know about you, but showers, and especially baths need ambiance. The bathroom was clean, well designed and well lit. I could have bright lights for makeup in the morning and dim lights when all I needed was a glass of wine and some bath bubbles.


Maybe the only downside to this hotel was the noise. It wasn’t horrible, as I said above, I knocked out… but during a Friday and Saturday night, the street below was having a grand old time! That being said, this is all a matter of expectation. If you’re coming to New York City, know that the city never sleeps and it sure as hell doesn’t sleep on a Friday and Saturday night. Expect there to be some noise outside your window.

The Extras:

There were quite a few extras that were well appreciated! We had a Keurig in the room with tea and coffee for the morning, which worked out perfectly as I needed a wakeup doing emails in the early morning hours. They provided a book at the desk listing all the amenities and areas around the city you’d find useful or interesting. They also had an umbrella and a coat stand waiting, so if it were raining outside, you’d be taken care of!


The staff was really kind and very quick, so you didn’t have to wait long to check in and get settled. We already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to do in the city, but I’m sure the staff would have been more than willing to provide insight. The staff also left a lovely note on our pillow to welcome us into the room.

If you've stayed at Hotel Scherman or you prefer another option in New York, then comment below and tell me your thoughts!


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